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Most home insurers prefer to insure single family owner occupied standard houses, built with bricks and with slated or tiled roofs. Not all houses are built, or occupied, in that way though, especially old ones - and some very modern ones too. If your house has other occupants apart from you in it, is built of unusual materials, or is difficult to insure because of mine workings, flood risk, subsidence or other risks, you may need to talk to a specialist insurer.

UK Nonstandard Home Insurers

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Intelligent Insurance

Intelligent Advisory Services Limited, trading as Intelligent Insurance, is a brokerage that was set up in 2011 to handle many different kinds of non standard home insurance. Working through underwriters such as AXA, Midas, Prestige Underwriting Services and LV they specialise in finding cover for all types of non standard house construction such as listed buildings, concrete houses, steel frames, wattle and daub, thatched or stone roofs etc. They also handle cover for very large houses and barn conversion, and those that have been underpinned in the past. They can arrane cover for properties that are being renovated; are shared; used for bed and breakfast, second homes or holiday homes; and those that are unoccupied or subject to probate. They will consider owners with claims records, bankrupcies, high risk occupations, bad credit or who have been refused cover elsewhere too.

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Avantia Insurance Limited, trading as HomeProtect, is a broker with their own in-house underwriting team, specialising in hard-to-find home insurance. They were formed in 2002 and in the year ending December of 2019 they turned over £18.2 million. They have invested in leading edge technology including machine learning models to help calculate realistic premiums; often a difficult task for non-standard insurance. This means that they can offer computerised quotes for a claimed 97% of the UK housing stock. As well as properties with unusual or risky construction they can cover holiday homes (including Airbnb risks), unoccupied houses, houses used for home businesses, and those with lodgers. Their policies are currently underwritted by AXA.

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Gothic Insurance Brokers, trading as Certis, was set up back in 1966. As well as dealing directly with the public they have a wholesale division providing specialist insurance products to other intermediaries, and these include very high value homes and non-standard properties such as those with flat roofs, unusual designs, listed properties, barns and churches. They can quote for those with multiple claims, special flood risks or those subject to subsidence. A particular difference with other insurers is that they are happy to deal with people in particularly risky occupations; for example actors, entertainers, and professional sports people such as footballers and darts players, whose lifestyles may present unusual risks to an insurer.

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Andrew Copeland Insurance Services Ltd

Andrew Copeland Insurance Services Ltd are brokers who claim to have 40 years of experience in arranging insurance for non standard property risks. Amongst their clients are people who have bad claims records, past financial problems or who have had home insurance cancelled in the past; those who leave their homes empty whilst they go on extended holidays; owners of park homes, chalets, barn conversions or listed properties; or people whose homes are let, in mixed use or multiple occupation. They can also provide insurance for overseas property in certain areas, for which they claim to have more than 30 years of experience; whether these are used as holiday homes, let out, or used for permanent residency. They can arrange cover for landslip, earthquake, falling trees, avalanche or the effects of power surges as well as theft, storm, fire, lightning or explosion risks.

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Lloyd & Whyte Group

The Lloyd & Whyte Group provide insurance services, particularly for healthcare professionals, for heritage properties; thatched houses, high value homes and listed properties are amongst their specialities. They will cover thatched houses with woodburners, a risk some other insurers avoid; unique properties, such as listed blocks of flats; and historic buildings, which by their nature are particularly vulnerable to fire hazards. lloyd & White Limited was first incorporated in 1998, they have around 75 employees in six offices, and in the year ending December 2020 they turned over more than £7.4 million. They have held Chartered Insurance Broker status since 2010 and partly due to their partnerships with organisations such as the British Medical Association, British Veterinary Association and the British Dental Association, amongst others, a large proportion of their clients are in medical or associated professions.

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