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Get covered by a top UK insurer.

Astonished at the cost of food delivery insurance?

Food delivery companies often use cars, vans, motorbikes or scooters for their deliveries. Do you find that extra insurance can be hard to obtain and expensive? Don't worry, help is on hand.

Wouldn't it be better if you bought this insurance another way?

Yes. You could visit top UK insurance website prudentplus.com to compare quotes for fast food delivery insurance.

People think that purchasing insurance through a price comparison site is the cheapest and most efficient way, as they avoid the middle men. The truth could be very different.

Almost all insurers work with brokers, including those who advertise insurance on comparison sites. Simply contact them, and they will obtain quotes for you. The broker will retain a commission for passing the enquiry to the insurer.

Compare prices on a price comparison site, and you get these quotes automatically. However, the comparison site almost invariably charges a fee for this; enough to cover their massive overheads, including huge marketing expenses.

In other words, you indirectly cover the profit and overhead of the price comparison site as well as the commissions of the broker when you buy an insurance policy through them.

A different way of insuring for food delivery exists.

Many food delivery driver insurance websites operate as brokers who aim to get the best prices from the insurers they deal with. However, many of them only deal with a single insurer, or an incredibly limited number of them.

Could it be be better to compare quotes from multiple brokers, rather than having to deal with just one?

Technology, and a broker system, allows you to utilize both! Your query goes out to not just one broker, but an entire panel of them! Simply fill out a short form giving a few details about what you are looking for, and brokers from their panel will contact you with quotes.

In other words, you can not only benefit from expert assistance in finding the best food delivery policy, but also advice about reducing your costs, or finding better benefits, for any other insurances you might need. Better yet, you can get quotes today.

How is it that so many insurers are reluctant to insure food delivery?

Delivering hot food is a challenge for delivery drivers. Fresh food is at its best when it is served immediately. The more food a driver delivers, the greater their earnings, especially tips.

Freshly prepared food is at its best; it is up to the driver to deliver it to customers as fast as possible whilst it is still hot. Also, the more food a driver delivers, the more they earn, including tips.

Consequently, there is a temptation to go faster than usual, sometimes in bad weather, sometimes at night, sometimes in an unfamiliar area. It's not surprising to find that food delivery has a higher accident rate than the average.

Am I able to pay monthly for my insurance?

It's true that some insurers accept monthly and pay-as-you-go, but not all, so you may narrow down your choice of quotes that you can compare considerably, which will result in higher premiums.

It's important to know that if you pay monthly you almost always have to pay interest and/or management fees on top of the premium, so it's usually more economical to buy a policy yearly.

Are there any fast food delivery insurance choices available?

Your choices are diverse, but a lot depends on your budget. You could probably choose from these:

The third party only policy pays for damage to other people's property and/or injuries following a covered accident. It does not compensate you for damage to your vehicle. It is not always the most cost effective policy!

Third party fire and theft. This covers third parties and should also reimburse you if your car is stolen or burned.

Fully comprehensive car insurance that covers accidental damage to your own car, and may also offer benefits such as courtesy cars, breakdown coverage, and legal representation if you have a dispute with the insurance company.

Food delivery insurance costs how much?

Obtaining quotes for commercial vehicle insurance is so important because the cost varies greatly depending on a variety of factors like the type of vehicle you own, your driving record, the products you deliver, the area you work in, etc. Apply now!

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