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Your Privacy And How We Defend It

This site is owned and operated by Prudent Plus Limited of Booths Hall, Booths Park, Chelford Rd, Knutsford WA16 8GS. The data contoller is Peter Fox.

We are very security conscious at Pruden tPlus Limited. We do not collect any more data than is absolutely necessary for the running of our websites, and we take firm steps to guard any other data about our visitors that comes into our possession.

Data that we have access to

The owners of virtually every website on the Internet have access to statistical information that includes, for example, figures for the number of site visitors, the pages they visited, the country they came from, and information about the type of equipment that the visitor was using to access the sites. In other words whether they were operating a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet, what kind of operating system and browser they were using, and various other technical details.

It must be stressed that none of this data can be used to personally identify any visitor.

Data that we may be provided with

If a visitor to our website decides to contact us in any way a recording is made of the communication and it is stored on our computer system. The system has both physical security and password protection, and all data on it is encrypted. We use this data simply for any necessary communications with the visitor, and for no other purpose. We will not use this information to send out unsolicited commercial emails (in other words, spam) and we will not allow anyone else to do so.

How companies that we link to may handle your data.

Our website contains hyperlinks to other websites that we feel may be of interest to our visitors. We have no control over these websites and they each have their own privacy policy. You should study these privacy policies since our own policy does not cover these other websites.


This website does not use cookies since we do not find them necessary for the operation of our site. We may do so in the future however, and if so that fact will be noted on this privacy policy.

Transfer of your data

We will not sell your data to any other third party or transfer it voluntarily in any way. We do however reserve the right to pass on any information we have about particular visitors if we are ordered to do so by a legal authority such as a court.

Accessing your data

You are entitled to view any data that any company holds about you in an electronic format, upon payment of a reasonable fee, under the 1998 Data Protection Act. If you wish to access any data that we hold about you we will certainly comply but we will require evidence of your bone fides in order to help prevent this data falling into the wrong hands.

Deletion of your data

If you wish us to delete any data that we hold about you please let us know, and as long as you can provide us with evidence of your bone fides we will do so within a reasonable time, unless we have been ordered by a competent legal authority to retain it.

Queries about this policy

We welcome your queries and you can find our contact details on the 'about us' page.

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